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Enrolment Process

The enrolment process and required documents are shown below. Please ensure that all documents are returned to the school office for your enrolment to be processed.

Reach us!

  • Request a tour through this link.

  • Submit an Enquiry Form.

Visit the School Environment!

  • Once your tour request has been confirmed, please visit the school to understand how we work with the children.

Submit the Enrolment Form!

  • Once provided in person, or via a link, complete the form and submit it together with the documents required.


  • Parents will be notified of the outcome of the interview within 7 days (or sooner) and a letter of acceptance / rejection will be issued. Reasons for rejections will be stated.

  • Parents / guardians will have 14 days to confirm their child’s placement.

School Enrolment Acceptance!

  • Placement is secured once the school receives a signed acceptance letter and non-refundable BND $200 entrance fee is paid.

  • If the placement is not accepted by the specific date. The offer is     withdrawn and the child is removed from the list.

Enrolment Form

Find it here.

Required Documents

Include a copy of the following:
Parents IC

➞ Student’s Birth Certificate

➞ Student’s Passport (Foreigner)

➞ Parent’s Passport (Foreigner)

➞ Student's Previous Academic Report (if applicable)

Other Information

See EMLi in action!

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