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Communication & Documentation

Parent-Teacher Communication 

It is our priority to make learning visible to the family in many ways. Daily highlights show the parents snippets of the school day. Parent-teacher meetings are arranged either at three or six months and developmental milestones are discussed. Learning plans are also created and shared with the parents so that parents know what educators focus on when a child shows readiness in certain aspects of their learning journey. All these are incorporated in Storypark.


School Home Documentation

We recognise that outstanding communication is an essential component of a high quality experience for any parent. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with an unparalleled level of timely and high quality information regarding your child’s learning experience. We use Storypark to communicate with the parents about all things that have happened at school or at home; it is a private and secure online platform, designed specifically for early childhood settings. You can find out more about Storypark here.

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